Principles of Strength Training

Training for muscle mass uses exercises as a means to an end. Training for maximal strength, on the other hand does not use exercises merely as tools.

Instead, training for strength is about increasing performance on the exercises. For most weightlifters, the exercises they train are the bench press, squat and deadlift. Therefore the first and most obvious rule is that you should include these exercises in your program. You should also include assistance exercises to help you boost strength.

Order of exercises is important as well- the bench press, squat, and deadlift should each be performed first in the workout at least once per week. Following the major lift should be the assistance exercises. The second exercise should be a compound exercise that targets the major muscle group used in each of the three exrecises. The third exercise and any others should be those that target muscle groups that assist the major strength exercise.

The amount of resistance used is of prime importance to your strength gains.. For the three major strength exercises, the resistance used is typically expressed as a percent of the 1RM ( maximum one rep). For strength gains the majority of training time should be spent using a load between 85 -95% of the 1RM. Of course cycling the training load is wise for making continued gains in strength.

Whatever you do, Maintain your Regimen.

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