Where can I buy a barbell set is a common question posed on the internet. Most beginners go for cheap Argos type vinyl sets which are poor quality and tend to be limited to 10 -15 Kg maximum per weight plate.

The problem is that as you increase in strength and technique you find either the 5ft bar you were using cannot accommodate a decent bench, or worse, it’s impossible to rack up any serious weight with vinyl weights to force the adaptations we are all after.

Invest in a good quality Olympic Barbell with 2 inch sleeves and you’ll be able to use it with any half decent exercise bench, squat rack, and perform deadlifts, bench presses, snatches and squats safely, with good form and technique.

Regimen Gym Equipment Olympic barbells are able to rack up 500 Kg total weight and with their rotating sleeves will reduce the risk of injury while training, allowing for adjustment in grip, without having to rotate the full weight on the bar.

For weight plates and Olympic barbell set combinations go to our weight plates page.

Are you after another combination? Send a message via our live chat facility and we can work out a deal. Whatever it takes to maintain your regimen.

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  • Olympic Barbell 6ft – spinning sleeves – 8 copper needle bearings

    £ 109.99
  • Olympic Barbell 7ft – spinning sleeves – 8 copper needle bearings

    £ 139.99