Adjustable Dumbbells for Sale : 40kg & 24 Kg

A pair of adjustable dumbbells is a credible alternative to a barbell as you can do most barbell exercises using a dumbbell, with the added bonus of building those additional stabiliser muscles.

Got a barbell and weights already? Well why not train the same muscle group alternatively using barbells and dumbbells for great results.

We have two models of quick adjustable dumbbells in stock. The 24 Kg model with 15 weight settings and the 40 Kg model with 17 weight settings.

These selectable dumbbells don’t require a dumbbell rack, as they come with a ready made storage base. So if you’ve made the commitment to train from home, want to utilise more space in your garage or bedroom, or want an alternative to barbell exercises to give your muscles a regular shock factor, order below and receive within 3 working days.

Please view video below for how they work:

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  • Adjustable Dumbbells 24 kg Pair

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  • Adjustable Dumbbells 40 Kg Pair

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